Monday, October 14, 2013

Hand-cut Paper Lace Tablecloth

While talking with my mommy one day, I offered to papercut anything for her...whatever she wanted.  Time passed and I would remind her that the offer still stood.  She assured me that she had not forgotten.  One day while we were chatting, she expressed that she would really like to have her special verses in a papercut, and that she preferred them to be in the order in which they were 'given' to her, not necessarily in their Biblical order.

My mind began racing!  How was I going to connect all the letters??  What was I going to use as a border??  Would there even be a border??  Would I need to create a background to help 'connect' all the letters??  I sketched, scribbled, erased, and scrapped so many design ideas it would make ones head spin.  I would lay awake, mapping it out over and over in my head.  After all, this was for MY mommy...and I was creating a Perfect Papercut just for her!  It HAD to be perfect!

The more I planned, the more it seemed that the design was being forced.  I let it rest for several weeks assuring my mommy that I did not give up.  There just had to be a way to make the papercut as special as the verses.  How could I possibly incorporate thoughts of love, commitment, family time, memories and togetherness that we all loved and cherished as a family into the border of this papercut?  I wrote lists upon lists of things we did as a family, places we visited, vacations we took, items we enjoyed, things we cherished.  And hit me!  I sat straight up in bed and exclaimed, "The tablecloth!!"  You can just imagine my hubby's response to that in the middle of the night!

My mommy is beyond words with her special verses surrounded with the lace tablecloth that graced our table over the years signifying family, faith and especially LOVE!

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