Thursday, May 30, 2013

April Showers papercut~

Inspirations for this 'April Showers' papercut came from one of our many 'mud puddle extravaganzas'!  It was raining, but not pouring when we decided the weather was perfect for heading out into the great outdoors to enjoy another beautiful moment of family fun.

When it rains, the boys L-O-V-E to put on old clothes to go mud puddle jumping!

Needless to say, there is always a fair amount of competition involved,
and, you guessed it, the one with the most mud wins!
Hubby and I have repeatedly agreed, 'where there is dirt...there is JOY'!

I find that so true and inspiring!
Sometimes we must jump in with both feet and experience the 'dirt'
in order to experience the fullness of joy!

Life is not always pretty, but happiness ALWAYS abounds!
Just look for it!

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