Friday, June 29, 2012

Marblehead Lighthouse~

I always feel a boost of inspiration each time I see my papercuts being displayed and enjoyed.  This original was created and gifted to my parents in 2005, and is based on one of my mommy's photos of Marblehead Lighthouse on Lake Erie.  This lighthouse has always been a place of special significance to them over the years.

Trips to the lake were usually spontaneous.  Daddy-o would propose that maybe they should go see if there was any water in the lake.  Mommy was quick to respond and off they'd go.  Love was ALWAYS in the air regardless of their surroundings.  One had no doubt the love and devotion they held for each other.  They were best friends.  They could communicated volumes in one simple look or gesture.  They held hands.  They were sweethearts.

With the loss of Daddy-o, spontaneous trips to the lake are few and far between.  The water in the lake still shimmers, just not as bright.  The waves still lap the shoreline, just not as joyful.  And while the lighthouse still stands, its glory and splendor has somehow become a memorial to the life they once enjoyed, their love that never failed, and memories that will be forever cherished.

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